Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday’s Waves – Getting funky now

Wednesday is not looking like a surf day. In fact it has the real possibility of being a particularly nasty surf day.

There is what they call an “upper level low-pressure”, which is basically a bubble of low-pressure that is sandwiched in the upper levels of the atmosphere, that is moving over Central California with the bottom edge pushing through Socal. This low is driving up winds in the outer waters, the winds were NW enough on Tuesday to spin up the eddy...but forecasts are showing those winds shifting more W-WNW on Wednesday and coming straight onshore, which is not good.

Swellwise we would have some playful surf from the continuing mix of S swell and the WNW’er that have been combo-ing up over the last couple of days. Now we have building W-WNW windswell that will lump over the longer—period swell and really hack up shape at the more exposed breaks.

We can expect surf to continue in the shoulder high range for most exposed spots and some areas of overhead+ sets as the windswell fills in. Unfortunately shape is going to be pretty shot as the local winds come onshore as well.

Windwise we can expect W-WNW winds 10-15 knots for most areas through the morning...and some areas of 20-knots (mostly around LA/Ventura). Afternoon winds build stronger...topping out W-WNW 15-25 knots with some stronger gusts at times. Check out the COAMPS for tomorrow.

Yeah this looks pretty craptacular...

I wouldn’t waste much time looking at the surf tomorrow...I would still plan a quick cam check in the morning (maybe the low will move through faster than the models expect)...but that would be about it.

Good news is that this funkiness will move out by Thursday and we will see much nicer weather and surf conditions as we head into the end of the week and the weekend.

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