Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Waves for Wednesday – Looks a lot like poop

Wednesday is not going to be much of a surf day.

We have a new little storm forecast to move through the area on Wednesday...nothing super strong but enough to drive up W winds in our local waters. Unfortunately that means we will have moderate 10-12 knot W winds through the morning and W winds 10-15+ knots (wind gusts near 20 knots) on tap for the most exposed beaches by the afternoon.

If it had been cleaner we probably would have had some fun...there is a mix of S-SW and WNW swell in the water as well as some local windswell. Most breaks will continue to be in the chest high+ range while the better combo spots see some shoulder high+ sets at times.

The winds are just a bad angle for SoCal...we can kind of deal with WNW, N, and even S winds...but the W-SW directions are pretty bad. If you have some weird sheltered spot, and you live across the street from it, it might be worth a check...other than that I would wait for some light...check the cams...see the wind...and then do something else.


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