Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesday’s Surf – Smaller and a bit fugly

Tuesday will be surfable but not what I would call a surf day.

The eddy winds that spun up on Monday are forecast to continue into Tuesday and our swell isn’t really all that exciting either. In the water we will have a mix of really leftover S swell, local windswell, and some slowly building (but inconsistent) SW swell (200-220).

Most spots will be around waist high...probably closer to knee-waist high on the higher tides. The top SW facing spots and the good windswell/combo breaks will see some inconsistent chest high+ sets.

Winds will still be a bit funky...sort of eddy, sort of variable onshore. The forecast models are calling for the cleanest conditions around midmorning...but I don’t think the bump is really going to go away, expect just a light to moderate texture for the more exposed areas. W winds around 10-15 knots move in through the afternoon.

I would stick to spots that have some wind protection tomorrow...the funk on the water wasn’t very appealing on Monday...something that could have knocked down the bump would have been nice. I think that the better sandbars and combo breaks will be the best call...don’t expect a lot of punch behind the surf but if you can get to the right spot you should be able to pick off a couple of rideable peaks.

If you were planning on surfing Trestles this week...plan on skipping Lowers...the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro starts on Tuesday (and runs through Saturday May 2nd), so access to the break is going to be extremely limited.

But even though you can’t surf in the contest area it is worth checking out the live contest usually gives an awesome live look at the conditions down that way. Also yours truly is the “official forecaster” for the event through sure to check out my event forecasts.

Here are the tides.

06:45AM LDT -0.9 L
01:26PM LDT 3.1 H
05:34PM LDT 2.3 L
11:55PM LDT 5.6 H


cheerupcheerio said...

Well, at least the contest people will be surfing crappy waves like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Who goes to watch people surf anyway? I mean really, what real surfer chooses to watch people having a good time surfing, when he himself could be out there doing it. that's why we have surf videos; for those days when there are no waves.

Anonymous said...

always thought that myself.

Anonymous said...

cheery..wanna go surfin' sometime?