Monday, April 13, 2009

Tuesday’s Surf – Great here comes the eddy.

So after a good day of surf on Monday (I hope you guys got some...the local beach break was firing during lunch today!) it looks like Tuesday is going to be a bit bumpy.

We are going to have that S swell (180-190) and the background WNW swell (290-300) holding energy into Tuesday. NW windswell will be on the rise too...look for building bump out of the NW filling in through the afternoon.

Lots of spots will continue to see consistent chest-shoulder high surf. Top S facing spots and the good combo breaks will be around head high on the sets with sets going overhead+ at times. Look for the most consistent size at the better combo areas...on the lower tides.

Winds are where it looks sucky...the winds in the outer waters are forecast to really blow over the next few days. Tuesday we are actually going to get lucky and have the local winds eddy...(Wednesday looks pretty thrashed) we can expect S-SE winds through the morning around 10 knots. It should be cleanest through LA county and parts of Ventura...San Diego and OC are looking at more southerly flow and more bump.

Since the S swell is pretty hefty...and we have the combo energy out in the looks like we might be able to get a few clean/semi-clean waves through the morning. You are going to want to head to spots that have protection from the S winds...areas like Southern Ventura, The South Bay, Central OC, and Central SD are all good areas to check around. Really since there is a lot of surf out there, I think that your personal tolerance for bumpy surf is going to play a big factor. Anyway I hope the eddy isn’t as bad as the forecast...I am planning on a cam check in the morning before driving around too much.

Here are the tides...

07:38AM LDT 0.3 L
02:43PM LDT 2.7 H
05:25PM LDT 2.6 L


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Although putting peeps in the microwave is fairly entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I got it!
Took work off today, thanks to you calling it last week.
Best it's been in a while.
Thank you Mr. Wright, Sir!

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no way stale peeps rule