Friday, April 17, 2009

Waves for the Weekend – Cold Water, Warm Air, small-playful surf

I think that both Saturday and Sunday will be surf days.

It won’t be big, and the water won’t be warm, but the weather will be nice and there will be enough little waves that we should all be able to get a couple of rideable corners.

Swellwise we are going to see a mix of small S-SW swell (180-220 from a couple of different sources), some local NW windswell, and some new but fairly small WNW swell (290-300).

The average spots will hold right around waist high with some chest high sets. Standout combo spots and the better NW facing breaks will be around chest-shoulder high on the bigger waves.

As I said the water is pretty freaking cold in some places...HB lifeguards for example were calling it 52-degrees off the pier today. I haven’t heard much about the other regions, so drop me a comment or an email and let me know how much glass you have been cutting.

"Dammit I knew I should have brought my booties!"

Winds will be pretty good in the mornings...light and variable to light offshore for most areas. Those winds will come onshore around 10-14 knots by midday and into the afternoon. Sunny skies with some patchy fog in the mornings. Beach temps are supposed to be in the upper 70’s, which means that people will be bursting into flames in the inland expect a bit more beach crowdiness as people try to escape being crisped.

From a surf standpoint it is just going to be a mellow weekend...a few fun waves here and there but not a lot of push behind anything. I would probably stick to your smaller wave gear...longboards and fish...just so you can maximize the fun of the slightly gutless surf. I think that there will be a little more pep on Sunday as the WNW’er gets a little bigger but overall both days are going to be similar.

Here are the tides...have a good one!

04:36AM LDT 3.7 H
12:07PM LDT 0.5 L
06:58PM LDT 3.6 H

12:25AM LDT 2.3 L
05:46AM LDT 3.8 H
12:43PM LDT 0.5 L
07:13PM LDT 3.9 H


Seth said...

It was about 59 or 60 (maybe 62 even) at Cardiff yesterday. Oceanside seemed a lot colder this morning...closer to 55 or 56.

Anonymous said...

It was very cold at Trails this am. I was in my 3/2 no booties, but I was getting ice cream headaches. Weird

Berto said...

57 in Manhattan Beach today. A bit colder than last week but nothing horrible. 3/2 and no booties was fine.

deckmanx said...

It must have been 54/55 in Oceanside on Thursday morning. Cold enough that it hurt wearing a 3/2 with booties. Today seemed a degree or two warmer.

Anonymous said...

Playful?!?!?!?............Ankle high shit.....hope Sunday actually picks up!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oceanside pier was a joke too.

Anonymous said...

Micro session on the log in O'Side. Amazing weather though . . . bring on the next south swell!!

Anonymous said...

Hot and playful at El Porto this Sunday afternoon..I trunked it with a rash guard..water was nice refreshing for me. Not so fun or refreshing on Sat. (dawn patrol) w/ 3/2 & booties was more than plenty.