Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wind for Monday – Looks a lot like poo

Monday is not looking like a surf day.

We have this lovely cold front that has been blasting onshore wind pretty steady since about 9am this morning (earlier in some areas).

Anyway this wind is forecast to continue through evening…hold pretty steady to about midnight and then back down slightly as we head toward Monday morning. Unfortunately it is never supposed to stop blowing, just slow down, so it looks like Monday is going to be pretty hacked up even through the dawn patrol. Here is the COAMPS shot for tomorrow morning.

Looks good doesn’t it? With the wind not really backing down I am not expecting a very pretty picture condition/shapewise tomorrow. There may be a couple of exceptions if you can find a spot completely protected from the W winds…but then you wouldn’t have much swell since the majority of the energy in the water will be local windswell. Yeah basically it is going to suck.

You might try a cam check in the morning but I wouldn’t waste a lot of time looking for clean surf…it is most likely going to be a hacky, poopy mess. Oh and the upwelling probably dropped the water temps like 10-degrees too (just great).


Anonymous said...

Cheer up Adam,
There's an El Nino comming in 2010-11.

PS Your down in the mouth report answers the other question- the long term forecast is for continually poor surf.
So glad I got on a plane and got that south swell
at ____________.
Hang in there buddy,

Adam Wright said...

thanks Coco! At least we can get positive about the future. Hey maybe the stock market will be back up again then too!

Glad you scored man.

Anonymous said...

I am calling offshore in the morning...

Anonymous said...

me, too.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it was off-shore in south San Diego. Chunky and crossed-up, but plenty of corners to be had. Upper body is super buff now thanks to the killer paddle.