Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Surf Report – Stupid wind

If you didn’t get a chance to surf this morning...don’t worry you aren’t missing much.

Our first little shot of S swell is filling in this is a bit inconsistent and really it isn’t doing so hot as we head to nearly a 6-foot high tide...but it is out there and mixing with some other WNW swell energy.

Unfortunately the winds are getting an early start to it...check out the wind analysis from 7am this morning.

WNW-NW winds for most spots...not super strong but this was at dawn...and it is just expected to get worse this afternoon. There are a couple of semi-clean areas...North LA County is alright if you stick around the Malibu area (not much swell there though)...and Northern San Diego county, which has more swell, mostly light winds, but is starting to see some funky texture picking up.

This isn’t much of an update...but if you were planning on trying to surf today I wouldn’t spend a lot of time checking it.

I’ll be back with the forecast for Friday...and the overview of the upcoming weekend later this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Is this a bit of eddy?

Seaside and Del Mar looked choppy driving by on the 5.

Adam Wright said...

yeah sort of...we have the bottom "hook" of the eddy where the winds in the outer waters are strong out of the NW but the nearshore coastal winds are swinging back to the W-WSW. It isn't a classically defined eddy but somewhere in-between. I wish it was more least it would have a few areas that could stave off some of the bump.

O-side looked sort of fun on the surf cam earlier this morning (bout 7-8:30am).

Hayley said...

What a disappointment this AM! Oh well. Please say it's going to pick up this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Surfed Trestles this morning. not much swell. 1-3 ft. and very inconsistent. You know something is up when you see bunch of people leaving the beach at 7am. I Left around 10:30, the winds were starting to pick up. Overall, pretty poor and disappointing.