Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Surf Report – Pretty fun this morning

I hope you guys are all out in the water right now and that I am posting this to a bunch of empty computers.

I managed to motivate for a dawn patrol surf (on a weekend no less!) and I just got out of the water…and it was pretty fun and playful. I surfed in the HB area and there were plenty of shoulder-head high sets with a few overhead waves sneaking in now and then. Peaky shape with a few hollow corners on the lower tide. Winds were good with some light offshore flow right when we pulled up.

The S swell is going to hold through the weekend…and even though the tide is coming up and the winds are shifting a bit more to the SSW I still think you will be able to pick off a session before it falls apart too much. Sunday’s conditions were looking a bit iffy the last time I looked at the charts so you might want to roll the dice and hunt down some waves today.

Anyway I hope you guys are getting a few…have a good weekend.


Surf San Clemente said...

Hit San O this afternoon, around 2. Pretty lumpy but still big sets coming through.

cheerupcheerio said...

damn you responsibilities!!!!
I missed it.

Anonymous said...

too damn peaky this morning! with the low tide it was like cliff diving out there! all my effort went into trying not to break my neck. all I could hope for was a corner that gave me a quick speed ride down the face and back up again to pop over the top before the cliff-dive beating began.