Monday, March 30, 2009

Surf for Tuesday – Combo swell continues

Tuesday will be another surf day.

Again it won’t be great but the mix of WNW windswell, the SSW swell, and trace WNW swell have been doing a halfway decent job of throwing together some fun surf. I even paddled out on Monday, in what looked like a jumbled mess (thanks to the S winds) but ended up having some fun thanks to the lower tide and a little “heft” to the combo swell. If the winds had been a few knots lighter it would have been pretty fun...

So back to the forecast...on Tuesday the swell mix will continue but it will lose a little bit of size. We can expect the average exposed spots to continue to have consistent waist-chest high waves. Better exposed combo breaks in Orange County and San Diego will see some chest-shoulder high sets, particularly on the lower tides. I can even see the top breaks, mostly in San Diego, pull in a few bigger sets if they like the WNW windswell.

Overall winds look mostly clean...forecasts are calling for light/variable in the morning...and then sort of variable onshore for midmorning...eventually turning onshore W around 10-13 knots for the afternoon. It looks like there may be some patchy fog in some areas look for a little more bump if the fog is hanging out at your spots. I think the winds are going to be a bit unstable like we saw on Monday...most areas will be clean but there may be some funky pockets at some of the more exposed areas.

Quit teasing us COAMPS!

With the combo nature of the swell you should be able to find plenty of playful spots at the beach breaks. Points and reefs could be fun too but they may be a little too mixed up to string together many long sections. Personally I am planning on sticking close to homebase, finding a little sandbar, and getting out in the water sometime around midmorning...hopefully the wind will cooperate. Oh and the water is still pretty cold...I haven’t broken out the booties this year but I was considering it today...spring winds suck.

Here are the tides

12:07AM LDT 5.3 H
07:59AM LDT -0.1 L (nice to have a low tide in the AM)
02:48PM LDT 2.7 H
06:13PM LDT 2.3 L


deckmanx said...

Oceanside was really fun today!

Seth said...

No kidding...lots of waves...decent shape and racy shoulders.....mmmm i wanna go surf