Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Surf for Wednesday – Hell yeah we are surfing

Wednesday will be another surf day (it will be 5 in a row!)

Sizes will be dropping but there will be still be plenty of waves on Wednesday. The S swell (180-190) that peaked Sunday and into Monday will continue to send in some surf tomorrow...it won’t be all that big anymore but there will still be some playful sets. We will also have some steep NW energy (290+ and mostly windswell) that will help to cross up a few of the best combo spots.

We can expect the average spots to drop into the chest high range with a few rarer shoulder high sets. Standout S facing breaks, mostly through OC and Northern SD, will have more consistent chest-shoulder high sets with a few bigger waves sneaking through at the top spots.

Winds will be clean in the morning with mostly light/variable to light offshore flow through the dawn patrol. Onshore winds return through midday and eventually top out of the W-NW around 10-15 knots by mid-afternoon.

Despite the dropping swell I still think we are going to have some fun tomorrow...I think that the best shape is actually going to be at the S-facing beach breaks that can also pull in a little of the windswell. Don’t get me wrong there will still be fun shape at the points/reefs but I think that with the smaller sizes that the beach breaks are going to open up and set up a few bowly peaks on the lower tides...and probably be less crowded and more consistent than the points/reefs. I would try and get it in the morning just because the wind will be a little strong by the afternoon...if you can try and hit it before 10am or so.

Have a good one...try not to drink too much green beer (stick to whiskey!)

I appear to be out...

Here are the tides n stuff...

6:33am (civil twilight)

Tides: (only two today)
02:21AM LDT 4.0 H
11:29AM LDT 0.7 L


Anonymous said...

i love to surf. love, love, love it!!!

Anonymous said...

i'll drink to that! beach break goodness!

Anonymous said...

HB looked fun this morning, but I caught so many waves the day before down by the defeated toll road that I passed.

Tired from surfing nice sized, lined up point waves vs dropping swell + increasing wind = get some work done.

Anonymous said...

work vs. surfing?
get it while you can, man. work will always be there.

Anonymous said...

wasn't too impressed with the beachbreak this morning. very walled, shallow, and super foggy. I got some corners, but called it a day after 2 hours of waiting and waiting for more doable corners.

Berto said...

Hell yeah Adam! We're loving your posts here, keep them up.

We hit up Manhattan Beach for 2.5 hours this afternoon. Probably wasn't comparable to Orange County, but it was a perfect session for a beginner+/intermediate- kind of guy.

Some really good sets, mostly clean, a few close-outs but not too many, and nothing dangerous. My kind of day!