Friday, May 22, 2009

Waves for the Weekend – Playful swell mix

There will be some waves this won’t be huge...or that consistent...but it will be more rideable than the last few days.

We are going to see a mix of S swell (180-200) that will peak through Saturday and then start to slowly fade through Sunday and Monday. In the background we are going to see a mix of WNW-NW windswell and a tiny bit of SW swell. It looks like the windswell will build in a bit more by the end of the weekend. Check out the sideways is nice not to see so much dark blue.

Wave heights are going to average around waist-chest high for most areas. The standout S facing spots and good combo breaks will have some shoulder high sets. (between you and me...I didn’t really like the storm that sent this S swell, so I am staying on the conservative side with my wave heights...I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see some bigger sets mixing in on the lower tides...but I wouldn’t count on them either).

Winds look good for the next couple of mornings. Overcast skies and light and variable conditions for most areas. W winds will build in through the afternoons topping out around 10-14 knots. Check out the wind models...

Saturday @ 8am

Sunday @ 8am

With it being a holiday weekend, and there being some swell after a few days of flatness...there is going to be a lot of frustrated line-ups out there. Really I think your best bet is to find a playful peak close to home...and try and get some surf early in the day before the winds/tide/crowds start to kill the fun-factor. I would also keep an eye on the tides...even though they aren’t super high/low the surf has been pretty sensitive to the swing...try and plan around it if you can.

Here are the tides...Have a great memorial day! (Also I want to send out a huge thanks to all of our servicemen and servicewomen...I hope you stay safe where ever you are).

I should post a new forecast for Memorial Day on Sunday...but I probably will be drinking which sort of makes it an iffy proposition. Have a good one gang!

03:23AM LDT -1.1 L
09:39AM LDT 3.6 H
02:29PM LDT 1.7 L
08:40PM LDT 6.4 H

04:07AM LDT -1.3 L
10:30AM LDT 3.6 H
03:10PM LDT 1.8 L
09:22PM LDT 6.5 H

Memorial Day
04:54AM LDT -1.5 L
11:22AM LDT 3.6 H
03:55PM LDT 2.0 L
10:07PM LDT 6.5 H


Anonymous said...

I would like and order of REAL waves to go please.........

F this I'm moving to NorCal

Anonymous said...

Planes and American flags?......we are going into another depression, why give this shit props??....I need Obama bucks now!!! and I'm moving to Hossegor!!!....Socialized medicine 4 lyfe

Adam Wright said...

I generally agree with ANON-2 (and I am onboard with Anon-1's idea too)

But the holiday isn't about the USA is about all the people that are serving and dying for our county. It sucks that this is a shitty couple of wars but I got friends sitting in sand in iraq and I want to let them know that I personally appreciate them and hope they come home safe...and have lots of Obama bucks to spend.

That and my kid loves when I asked him to pick one out it was only natural that we got jets.

Anonymous said...

how exactly does getting drunk and going to parades "honnor" your friends exactly?