Monday, May 4, 2009

Random SoCal Surf Report – manageable winds

Looks like the eddy spun up a bit this morning and it is holding off the stronger W winds in the outer waters.

Spots up in Ventura/Santa Barbara are seeing some onshore texture but the more protected spots are not all that tweaked. (the high tide and the shorter-period swell isn’t helping though).

North LA is pretty clean but again the high tide is shutting down a few of the better points. The South Bay is pretty clean too…just a tiny bit of onshore texture so far this morning.

OC is only ok…South OC is better than the North. The North is looking crumbly/funky thanks to the wind turning just a bit too far S-SSW as it swirls through the San Pedro Channel.

San Diego, particularly North/Central San Diego, is looking the cleanest this morning. Winds are light SE-ESE and the ocean surface is pretty smooth. Waves are running in the chest-high+ range even with the tide…and there are a few bigger shoulder-head high sets that are inconsistently popping through. Probably not worth driving (unless you have a lot of time to kill) but if you are in close range it should be worth a look for the next couple of hours. It is going to be a race between the dropping tide and the incoming wind…lets hope the tide wins.

Have a good one...hope you can get a few on the Munday.


Anonymous said...

semms like things are gonna pick up soon though, let a new custom board on the way so lets hope it does.

Anonymous said...

good session this morning at my break. no wind at all. thank God!