Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Waves for Thursday – Looks fun...go Surfing

Thursday looks like a surf day.

I got a chance to get in the water (in North HB) earlier today and that WNW mix was doing pretty well. I would even say that I undercalled the swell mix a bit in the forecast yesterday. Shape wasn’t stellar by the time I paddled out, the onshore wind was getting to it and it was a bit lined up, but it had some decent size to the sets. On average it was about head high but there were a couple of bigger sets lurking out there.

On Thursday that WNW swell mix (290-300) is going to continue...and we are going to start to see an increasing SSW swell (180-200) that is going to be arriving throughout the day with long-period energy. The SSW’er will actually peak on Friday/Saturday but there will be some bigger sets at the S facing spots as it fills in slowly.

In the morning I would look for the biggest waves at the same WNW facing spots that had them showing on Wednesday. The SSW’er won’t have much size in the the S facing spots will still be working off mostly leftovers. By the afternoon the combo spots will be a better call. The morning will look something like this...

Sizewise it looks like the average W facing breaks will be in the chest-shoulder high range. The Standout NW facing those in San Diego, Ventura, and the South Bay...will have some shoulder-head high surf with some overhead sets still mixing in at times. It will be more consistent on the bigger sets during the lower tide.

The winds look good tomorrow...mostly light and variable through the morning...maybe even a touch light-offshore for a few of the areas near passes and canyons. WNW winds around 10-14 knots build in through the afternoon.

Good winds, decent WNW swell mix, building SSW swell...I don’t think that it will be “firing” but it should be pretty fun in most shouldn’t have to drive around too much to find waves. I would stick to the NW facing spots if you want the bigger sizes.

Here are the tides...

03:09AM LDT -0.5 L
09:10AM LDT 3.8 H
02:30PM LDT 1.2 L
08:38PM LDT 5.8 H

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to personally thank the wind and high tide for swamp assing out the entire north LA county today and yesterday...I mean after the 3 days of good surf all year so far it would have been asking too much for 4 days!!!! Hopefully it will be nice and windy in the afternoon for the next 5 days and super swamp ass everything in the morrning before that!! Who ever said cali had a surf culture must have ment a "surf Cam" culture!