Monday, December 10, 2007

Tuesday’s surf – you’ll freeze your nipples off

Well no…it won’t really be that cold. It will be chilly though, thanks to brisk morning air-temps, water temps around 57-59 degrees, and very little surf to get the blood moving.

The surf will be about ankle-waist high off a mix of fading NW windswell and some weak background pulses from both the WNW and SW. The tide fills in fast through the morning…so expect very slow, very soft shape. Winds will be light offshore for most of the morning…and then go light/variable in the afternoon.

Personally I will probably stay in bed…it will be nice and warm there and surfing my pillows will be more fun than dragging my longboard around only to ride knee high shorebreak.


Shinji said...

Great blog Adam! Way more fun to read than the usual forecasts. Thanks!

Adam Wright said...

Ha you just like it because I used the word "nipples".

Seriously though I am glad you like it.