Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thursday’s Surf – Unstable weather and more poo water

I don’t think Thursday is really going to be a surf day…for a couple of reasons.

1. Winds are still pretty suspect. Mostly they should be onshore or light onshore…there will be a few pockets of cleanliness here and there but they will be pretty unstable and probably won’t last that long.

2. Water quality is not going to be good. LA and Ventura got a decent amount of rain…and even OC and SD had a bit as well. These showers are going to continue overnight and all the nasty run-off will still be making its way down to the beach for the next couple of days.

On the positive side there will be some waves…we will have a mix of WNW wind and ground swell in the water and a touch of SW swell blipping in the background. Most breaks will be close to waist-chest high while the standout combo breaks see some shoulder-head high sets. Biggest surf will continue to show in Ventura and San Diego…but a few of the better combo breaks in the other areas should see similar sizes as well.

Personally I am just getting over a nasty case of the bird flu so I am going to avoid the run-off...but if you are jonesing for a surf you might check the cams in the morning.

X-mas swell update:
The swell for next week is still looking pretty good…forecast charts are even showing the potential for more WNW swell after the x-mas swell. (around the 26-27th)

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