Thursday, December 20, 2007

Friday’s Surf – Looks fun

On Friday our surf starts to look a little more appealing than it has for the last few days. There will be a new WNW wind/ground swell combo, and some small SW swell in the background. Most breaks will hold around waist-chest high while the standouts see some shoulder-head high sets.

Winds are looking better too…it looks like light N winds (even slightly NE) for the morning, particularly through Santa Barbara, Ventura, and LA.

OC and SD will have a little more side-texture to it but I think winds will be on the light side so conditions should be clean enough to surf.

I would look for the best waves at the beach breaks on this swell mix…the points and reefs will be fun too but the more open beach breaks will let you get a few waves to yourself (hopefully).

Personally I am going to shoot for surfing in the afternoon…I am going to make a Snow Summit snowboard run…then if I get back in time, and the winds hold, maybe hit the local beach break. I love SoCal…one of the only places where you can hit the mountains and the surf in the same day.

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