Thursday, December 6, 2007

Friday's Surf - Stormin

Friday is looking like a stay in bed morning…and when the bad weather gets going you will probably want to stay in bed all day.

Surf is looking pretty horrible. A new storm moves over us tonight and is expected to strengthen S-SW winds to about 15-25 knots through the morning and bring in some more rain. Those winds are expected to get worse through the afternoon…and the forecast is actually calling for waterspout warnings in the coastal waters.

About the only chance for surf tomorrow, (and there will be plenty of leftover W swell from early in the week and some new local windswell from this cold front), will be if the front stalls and sets up SE winds for the morning. The chances of this happening are not likely…but you can check this cool tool…it is usually running an hour or so behind real-time. Southern California Wind Analysis

If winds are SE there are a handful of spots in Ventura, the South Bay, Mid-South OC, and the La Jolla area in San Diego that will be clean…and potentially surfable.

More than likely it will just be messy and blown out. Personally I am going to hit the snooze button and then eat some Captain Crunch

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