Sunday, December 23, 2007

Monday’s surf - are you done shopping yet?

Hey gang…sorry I missed the last couple of days. I am still sore from snowboarding on Friday (maybe the feeling in my fingers will come back some day) and also a little laid up by that never ending round of the bird flu that everyone seems to be passing back and forth.

That being said there were a few little waves at the beach today thanks to a mix of fading WNW windswell and some small S swell. It looked fun and the weather couldn’t be beat.

Monday looks very similar so it should be pretty fun, particularly because it is a holiday. In the water there will be a touch more S swell and a little bit more WNW energy. Most breaks will hold around waist high+ while the best combo breaks see some chest-high+ sets. Conditions should be clean again with just some light onshore texture in the afternoon.

I think your best bet for waves will probably be the well exposed combo beach breaks…they won’t be stellar but there should be enough peaks to spread out the crowd and a little more size than you would see at a spot that only picks up one of the swells. I think that San Diego and parts of OC will be the best call…no worth driving very far for but fun if you need some waves.


spencer said...

i must say, this is the best swell prediction site on the internet, and though you've posted the "how to forcast" thing id rather just be spoon fed the report. maybe sometime ill get around to learning but until then keep up the good work of forcasting.

Adam Wright said...

Thanks Spencer and a merry christmas to you and your family...I really am stoked that you guys dig the forecast work. I am working on some new ways to present the forecast format that may be kind of cool. You will have to check it out when I launch it. Thanks again!